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Jack and the Bear is a Theatrical act from lower east Michigan with vaudevillian tendencies.

Conjured up of three siblings and close friends, their sound is often described as "Dark Disney"; and with influence from artists such as Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Disney Soundtracks themselves, what more can you expect than "the greatest thing you'll ever see, probably." 


Throughout their time as a self-managed (DIY) band, "Jack" have performed at noteworthy music festivals (Bristol Rhythm and Roots, The Frendly Gathering, Nashville PAW Fest...etc), worked with Grammy award winning artists, engineers and producers (Oz fritz, Doug Sax, Mooka Rennick, Sam Bardfeld), had multiple works placed and aired on hit Viacom network programs such as MTV's Catfish & Teen Mom, formed their own recording studio niche in their hometown, and have enjoyed the past few years touring extensively across the U.S.

"Dreams Get You Nowhere" (the debut album) was released in 2013. 

In 2016 the band released "By the Book: Folklore By Jack and the Bear" a twenty track concept album taking place in the year 2076. 

"Gruesome Gruesome" by Jack and the Bear was released October, 1st 2018 featuring all new, original Halloween music written by Jack and the Bear. The group is currently tracking a number of different tracks and will release them whenever they feel like it. Stay tuned! 


The classic question: "Who's Jack and who's the Bear?" 
The not so classic answer: Jack is a cockerspaniel owned by the lead trumpet player (Christina) and Bear is an acronymn representing the first four original members of the outfit.