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best children's music album 

for fans of classic Halloween music!

Title: Gruesome Gruesome 
Genre: Children's 
Artist: Jack and the Bear 
Producer: Adam Bradley Schreiber 
Label: N/A


Necrodancer Jack and the Bear
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"Gruesome Gruesome" (vol. 1) by Jack and the Bear features all new original Halloween songs written by Brandon James Schreiber. 

Tracked in a historic 1800's building the classic Halloween album way!
Inspired by Halloween greats such as Bobby Boris Pickett and John Zacherle, Gruesome Gruesome is sure to please any listener hoping to find some new spooky tunes!

All songs written by: Brandon James Schreiber 
Arranged by: Brandon and Adam Bradley Schreiber 
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by: Adam Bradley Schreiber 

Drums, Aux percussion, Marimba, Chains, Moans: Adam Schreiber 


Guitar, Toy Piano, Upright Bass, Lead Vocals, Demon voices, Baritone saxophone, Clapping: Brandon James Schreiber 

Trumpet, Vocals: Christina Nielsen (Schreiber) 

Electric Bass: Evan Close 

Backing vocals, Demon voices: Paige McElmury 

Backing vocals: Olivia Mainville 

Backing vocals: Libby DeCamp 

Backing vocals: Alexis Brooke 

Spoken word: Brad Schreiber (Lord Gator) 

Backing vocals: Jake Nieslen (Mr. Beautiful) 

Hand Claps, Chains: Evin Daniels

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